Besides good music, happiness and love, there is always one more thing we have to take care of at Plötzlich am Meer: trash. In the beginning we couldn’t believe it ourselves but after the first two years it was clear: we have to handle the problem. Because of that, we came up with a really nice and good working system. There is no waste deposit at Plötzlich am Meer because firstly there would be everything in just one trash can and secondly people would hoard it until the end of the festival and we would have to ripp open the bags full of trash to separate the waste. To avoid that we sort trash directly: every trash station has four trash cans and -don’t worry!- they will be labeled, so that everyone can do it. Afterall the reusable material will be recycled by a local company.

In August it’s time again to say: on the trash, get set, go!