The No. 19 on Plötzlich Musik is the Rino EP by Amount with a remix by Innellea. Amount is the new project of Nayan Soukie.

After years working on his previous project „Soukie & Windish”, he started his single project and shows a further side of his understanding of electronic music. For his new project he chose to create a sound that is closer to techno, adding deep vibes and a gloomy atmosphere.

After some amazing hits of Innellea on various labels we are happy to have them back on board for this EP. After their releases on URSL, Upon. You, Musica Autonomica and Ploetzlich Musik, they made themselves known for their very special and amazing sound.

2018 Innellea will also drop their Live-Set at the Plötzlich am Meer Festival at the Tentakel Bar right on the beach. We cant wait for that one!

Find the full Line-Up for 2018 Here