The Plötzlich am Meer Festival in Kolobrzeg at the Polish Baltic Sea is probably taking place for the very last time. So to get to the Festival you have four different options:

1. BASSLINER  (bookable from mid of July)

The bassliner starts from Berlin and you can go directly to the area of the Plötzlich am Meer. The tickets can be booked from the middle of june here. To get to Berlin you can take any transportation you wish. 🙂


Also in 2018 you can take the „Plötzlich-Express-Train“ to Kolobrzeg and from there on we provide shuttle buses to the festival area or you can simply order a taxi. The drive takes approximately 15 minutes and should not cost you more than 10 €. Just mentione the correct adresse: “Nagle Festival, Bagicz, 78-100 Kołobrzeg”. Further information about the “Express-Train” coming soon.

3. CAR

To protect our enviroment we advise you to use your car -if even necessary- together with other festival visitors in shared rides.
The adresse is: Bagicz, 78-100 Kołobrzeg, Polen


We have a special treat for the environmentally conscious and sports-loving festival visitors: ride with your bike to the Plötzlich am Meer and get 20 Plötzkis (comply with 20 €) in reward. In this case we would recommend the “Ostsee Radweg” who runs really close to the sea and provides the best views. More details here